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underwearginger said: From one underwear aficionado to another, what type of underwear is you usual go to underwear for everyday wear and what brand is your favorite? And why? (Sounds like a two-part essay question you'd see on an English test. Lol.)

Hey, well my go to underwear for everyday would have to be boxer-briefs I prefer the fitted support they give. Though I have and still wear when the mood takes me, all sorts of underwear from loose boxers, silk/satin boxers, briefs, jocks etc. As for brand I’ve had a lot over the years, currently enjoying wearing just local NEXT boxers as good value for money, style, comfort and washability. I’ve previously found stuff like aussieBums are cut a little bit smaller and don’t wash as well. Otherwise it would be good old CKs or for something a bit special and different feeling HOMs.


Horny trainer shagging on the floor

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bulging in Nike Swift.

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